C.R. Kennedy’s Surveillance Division has been operating since 1984, launching with Pentax CCTV Cosmicar lenses.


In 1996, the Division won the largest digital contract in the world at that time, by supplying Melbourne’s Crown Casino with an unique pit cam solution. This thinking was well ahead at a time when all recordings were still direct to VHS tapes, not HDDs.

The Crown Casino contract also marked the beginning of a long and close friendship with Dallmeier Electronic of Germany, the first manufacturer of digital video recorders.

Following the Crown Casino success, Sydney’s Star City Casino, Perth’s Burswood Casino, Darwin’s Sky City Casino and the Reef Casino in Cairns soon followed suit, adopting digital recorder technology from C.R. Kennedy. No two contracts are ever identical, and every customer is offered solutions tailored to their requirements.

In 2003, C.R. Kennedy and Dallmeier founded a joint venture to target the Asian market, with an office in Hong Kong, and later in Macau and Singapore. This joint venture went on to win the first fully-digital matrix solution at the Sands Macau Casino; the world’s largest surveillance and digital recording site on Earth at the Venetian Macau Casino; the Four Seasons Macau Hotel; and more recently, the Wynn Macau Casino and the Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore.

The Surveillance Division was also awarded distribution of Samsung Techwin DVRs and cameras in 2003. In recognition of the Division’s high sales figures, Samsung awarded C.R. Kennedy an award in “appreciation of their superb achievement in sales and marketing in 2007”. Other Surveillance products the Division handles include Watec miniature cameras, VideoTec camera housings and brackets, and TVS high quality CRT and LCD screens.

In 2010, C.R. Kennedy became exclusive Australian distributor for LG Electronics Security products. In addition to HD High Definition IP products, the LG range gives us the opportunity to now provide total solutions, integrating CCTV with access control.

C.R. Kennedy’s Surveillance Division has a staff of more than 20, with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Not only has it won success with high-rolling applications like Casinos, we have also provided solutions for apartment buildings, shopping centres, government departments, petrol stations, prisons, police stations, interviewing systems, city councils, restaurants, airports, hotels and pubs, mining companies, businesses and private residences.

In 2015, C.R. Kennedy became Univeiw’s first distributor in the Australia and the New Zealand market. C.R. Kennedy’s multiple locations and highly trained staff across the market meant that within 1 year, Univeiw went from having no presence in the Australia & the New Zealand Market to one of the major players, with large year-on-year growth. Univeiw’s partnership with C.R. Kennedy has put them at the forefront of the Australian and New Zealand surveillance market.

C.R. Kennedy was “Distributor of the year” for Uniview in 2017 and 2019.